PC & Laptop Repairs

Does your computer have a low speed? Does it have a cracked screen? Whether the problems are internal or physical, we can fix them. Our services will provide a solution to every problem on your computer.

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FREE DIAGNOSTIC WITH THE REPAIR the price of the diagnostic goes towards the cost of the repair…making
it FREE!

Computer diagnostics typically involve using software, hardware, part substitution, partial or complete
disassembly, and knowledge accumulated over many years of experience. Oftentimes, the diagnosis leads to the
realization that the cost of repair exceeds the value of the computer diagnosed. In this case, if the customer
elects NOT to repair the computer, we still need to collect the diagnostic fee for the time, effort, and experience
expended during the course of the diagnosis. There will be a minimum bench/service charge of $35.00 PER DESKTOP AND $45.00 PER LAPTOP COMPUTER DIAGNOSTIC FEE.

Our trained technicians will examine your problem and make suggestions for repairs, optimizations, or upgrades!
See below for our most recent pricing information. Be aware that some prices may have changed before we’ve had a chance to update our page; so always ask for our most current prices when you call or visit!

PC & Laptop Repairs Prices

Service Type



Preliminary Diagnostics Desktop

The cost of diagnostic fee for desktops (FREE WITH REPAIR)


Preliminary Diagnostics Laptop

Preliminary Diagnostics Laptop (FREE WITH REPAIR)


New Computer Setup

Includes computer optimization, installation of critical windows

updates, trial removal


Memory Installation

Install Memory (not including memory)




Includes setup and configuration with iTunes


Install Camera or Scanner

Installation & configuration of scanner and camera


Printer Installation

Printer Installation and configuration


Broadband Installation

Broadband Installation and Configuration


Wireless Setup

Wireless Setup and Configuration


Broadband installation + wireless


Broadband installation + wireless setup configuration


Wired/Wireless networking repair

Wired /wireless networking repair troubleshooting


Software Install (non OS)

Software Installation and Configuration (non OS per title)


Software installation subsequent


Software installation (of select software titles), subsequent programs


Windows Factory Restoration

Windows Factory Restoration Including Drivers (no backup or

program installations)


Data backup and restore with

Windows restoration

Data backup and restore services in conjunction with Windows restoration


Basic backup and restore

Basic backup and restore places data in folder on desktop for easy customer access


Backup service and data transfer

Data Backup

Backup User Personal Data (Client provides media)


Full system Backup with ISO Image

Full system Backup with Windows Image (Client provides media)


Windows OS Recovery Disk

Windows OS Recovery Disk (USB or CD)


Virus & Spyware Removal – Basic

Includes a Free Antivirus


Virus & Spyware Removal – Premium

Includes a Free Antivirus and PC Tune UP Optimization/Speedup


Virus & Spyware Removal – Deluxe

Includes a Free Antivirus and PC Tune UP and Personal Data Backup


Virus & Spyware Removal – Ultimate

Includes all the Above Plus a Full Disk Image Recovery


Enhanced Windows PC Tune UP


Windows tune-up (Enhanced security setup + defrag hard drive(s), clean registry, scan and fix any corrupt files)


Basic software repairs

Basic software repairs and software conflict resolution


Complex software repairs

Complex software repairs and software conflict resolution


Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery


Windows repair / recovery

Windows repair / recovery and troubleshooting


Email / program support

Troubleshooting email and program support


Desktop Hardware Upgrade/Repair (Including Hardware)

Hard Drive Replacement including OS 500GB

Hard Drive Replacement including basic OS reinstallation 500GB


Hard Drive Replacement including OS 1TB

Hard Drive Replacement including basic OS reinstallation 1TB


Power Supply Replacement Basic

Basic PSU Replacement 650-750 Watt for Desktop


Card Replacement

Card Replacement(not include Card fee)


Memory Upgrade/Replacement

$55 + the cost of the part


Motherboard Repair Desktop

Including motherboard components replacements


Custom PC Build

A custom pc build (not including the parts or OS installation)


Laptop Repair

Motherboard Repair Laptop

Includes motherboard components replacements( 90 Day Warranty )


Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement


Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement


Laptop Power Jack Repair

Laptop Power Jack Repair


Laptop Spill Repair

Laptop Spill Repair

$170 + parts

PC Shuts Off / Overheats

PC Shuts Off / Overheats

$85 -$150

PC physical damage repair

PC physical damage repair + parts

$85 -$170

Inverter Replacement

Inverter Replacement


Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement 500GB SSD including basic OS install $


Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement 1TB SSD including basic OS install $


Wireless Card Adapter

Wireless Card Adapter Replacement include part


CPU Fan Replacement

CPU Fan Replacement with Thermal paste


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